Lorem Pixel is a Handy Placeholder Image Generator for Coders

Picture this situation. You are writing HTML and you know you need to fill the layout with an image that is of X and Y pixel dimensions. You don’t have a dummy image available and taking time out to find one make one is just one of many annoying distractions eating away profitability or free time. What do you do? You tap into Lorem Pixel and use their service to fill a layout with a Creative Commons image as a temporary placeholder.

Bringing this image in is easy. When building out your <a href> simply use the URL http://lorempixel.com and append /width/height in pixels.

Need a 200px by 150px image? http://lorempixel.com/200/150

Need a 450px by 25px image? http://lorempixel.com/450/25

It is that easy!

There is one important thing to note. These images should only be used when building and testing layouts. They are licensed under CC but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are free to use as stock photos for a site so don’t just take them and run.

There are some additional options and more information if you visit Lorem Pixel directly. For now just know this cool and very useful tool is at your disposal.