What Week of the Year Is It?

There are fifty two weeks in a year and sometimes you need to know what week of a year a date falls in. This can be helpful for date comparisons and trending. How do you find out what week of the year it is?

One way to do that is to visit the Web site whatweekisit.com a nifty little date calculator tool that helps you find that out.

If Microsoft Excel is more your game you can use the WEEKNUM function. With this function you can calculate using the week with January 1st in it as the starting week or what Microsoft terms System 1. You can also use the methodology of ISO 8601 (European Week Numbering System) and calculate based on the week with the first Thursday. Learn more about this function on the Microsoft Office support page.

Meanwhile if Google Sheets is your bag you can also use the WEEKNUM function there. Just like Excel both systems are supported. Learn more on the Google Sheets support page.